Animals are allowed in the camping area

Your pet is welcome in the camping area!

Come and spend your holidays at Baia Azzurra with the whole family; dogs and cats can spend their holidays together with you in the caravan, camper and tent during the whole season.

You can take your dog for a walk in the camping area, in the car park, or in the pine woods that lead to the beach, as well as along the roads of the Località Rocchette and Pian di Rocca. Remember that on the campsite the common areas and the swimming pool area with all activities are excluded, in accordance with the regulations of the local health authorities.

Collect your four-legged friend’s droppings immediately, out of respect for Baia Azzurra and all its guests.

In the pinewood between the Camping Village and the beach we have created the Happy Doggy Wash, an area dedicated to your dog where you can take them for a drink or a refreshing wash after a nice walk.

The nearest dog-friendly beach is approximately 500 m from our camping village; the other two closest dog beaches are in Casetta Civinini (Punta Ala – 10 km ) and Le Marze (between Castiglione della Pescaia and Marina di Grosseto – 8 km).


Excerpt of the internal regulations


- Pets must be reported when booking.

- Pets can be admitted only to the camping area, in limited numbers, and against payment of the related daily rate. They are not allowed to access the swimming pool area, restaurant, bar, animation area, playground, and beach.

- Dogs must always be kept on a leash, and never be left alone and unsupervised, or under the supervision of minors; owners must follow the national hygiene regulations and collect the droppings.

- Guests are aware that they must refund any and all material and personal damages, whether to Baia Azzurra or to other parties, caused by their pets’ conduct.

- It is forbidden to let pets into the accommodations.


Discipline of bathing activities (Ordinance nr. 08/2012) of the Castiglione della Pescaia Council Extract Article 5 - (dogs and domestic animals - access to the beach)

Dogs and other domestic animals are allowed onto public beaches identified by the Castiglione della Pescaia Council by the resolution approved by the Council Committee nr. 72 dated 29/03/2012. One beach is located at Punta Ala, precisely in the locality Piastrone and the other public beach between “Camping Internazionale Etruria” and the boundary line towards Grosseto Council in the direction of “Le Marze”. Dogs can move, run and play freely without a lead or muzzle whilst being monitored by the owner/person responsible without causing damage to persons and/or things. Domestic pets are forbidden to access other tracts of beach not indicated in this article.

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