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Massa Marittima  

Situated in a naturalistic landscape environment of incomparable beauty, Massa Marittima is considered the pearl of the Middle Ages in Maremma. Approximately 20 km from the sea, it is easily reachable from Castiglione della Pescaia in just over half an hour.
Its millennial history is linked to the mining resources that made it famous until the 1980s, when it began to dedicate itself to tourist activity, paying particular attention to the enhancement of its historical and artistic heritage.
Massa Marittima welcomes the many tourists to the Old Town, located in the lower part and the New Town, an expansion of the town planned in 1228.
The visit to Massa Marittima can begin with the Old Town, which spreads around Piazza Garibaldi, a perfect example of medieval urbanism, organized on an irregular space where all the buildings of public life are gathered, beginning with the Duomo, called San Cerbone, which is the emblematic building of the town. Then continue with Pretorio Palace, which was the ancient residence of the Podestà, and today it is home to the archaeological museum; the Town Hall, where you can admire the Chapel of the Priors, frescoed by Bartolomeo Neroni in the sixteenth century with stories drawn from Genesis; Loggia del Mercato and, within walking distance, the Mint and the Public Fountain.
From Via Moncini, to the left of the Town Hall, you reach the Silici Gate. From here you reach Piazza Matteotti, which, with the imposing Clock Tower, is the heart of the New Town. In the square you can also visit the Armoury Palace, which dates back to the fifteenth century and formerly served as a military depot but now hosts the Mining Museum.
Just a few miles from Massa Marittima, on the way to Follonica, you can visit the Aquarium Mondo Marino and discover the Mediterranean, Indian and Atlantic marine fauna.
Just a few kilometres from Massa Marittima, in the direction of Gavorrano, lies Lake dell’Accesa with its Etruscan Park. The lake has an unusual horseshoe shape and, according to a popular legend, is bottomless and encircles a submerged village. Indeed on its banks there are archaeological finds and in the nearby woods there is a real Etruscan mining settlement.

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