How can I check the availability?

You can check the availability and get a quote for the desired period directly online on our website. It's easy and fast! It takes just a few clicks using our online booking system “Book now & Get a quote” that you find at the top of every page of the website.

Alternatively you can contact us by email info@baiaazzurra.it or by phone +39 0564 941092.

How can I make a reservation?

TThe simplest and fastest way to make a reservation is our online booking system “Book now & Get a quote” that you find at the top of every page of the website.

You just have to choose the type of accommodation (bungalow / apartment / pitch), the dates and the length of your stay and the number of people and then just click on "SEARCH" and the system will show you all the solutions that match your search.

Then you can choose the extra services (beach, half board/full board, baby cot, etc.) and then select the method of payment to complete the reservation.

Is it possible to book a pitch?

Yes, you can make the reservation request directly on our online system. The booking office will check the request and proceed with the confirmation if it is possible; it is therefore necessary to enter in the specific field the vehicle with which you travel (camper, caravan or tent) and its measures including mover.

What should I check when I book?

In order to make a reservation correctly, it is always necessary to read all the fields filled in, the “rate conditions” and the “terms and conditions”. It is the customer's responsibility to enter the requested data correctly and view all the information.

What is included in the price?

The price of the accommodation includes: bathroom/bed linen with weekly change, utilities, furniture, dishes, cutlery and generic kitchen equipment, outdoor area with table and chairs, consumption (water, electricity, gas), final cleaning (except for kitchenette), parking, entrance to the swimming pools, use of umbrellas and sunbeds by the pools (upon availability), entertainment (June - early September), entrance to the playground, 10% VAT (subject to variations), (except for offers with included services otherwise specified).

For the pitches the price includes: electricity 3A in the Basic , Silver 6A pitches, 10A in the Gold, Gold Plus, Platinum e Platinum Plus pitches, 16A in the new Super Gold Plus, warm showers, parking, entrance to the swimming pool, use of umbrellas and sunbeds by the pools (upon availability), entertainment (June - early September), entrance to the playground, 10% VAT (subject to variations), (except for offers with included services otherwise specified).

If I book online, how do I know if the booking is confirmed?

The confirmation for the reservations of accommodations is immediate. You will receive an email of confirmation of the booking with the details of your stay. In the case of payment of the deposit by bank transfer, a further confirmation will be sent to you after the registration of the payment.

For the bookings of pitches, we remind you that the request made online is "pending, waiting for confirmation" and it is subject to verification by the booking office. Once your request is confirmed by the booking office, you will receive an email of final confirmation of the booking. Only after this confirmation can you proceed with the payment of the deposit if you have chosen the bank transfer. If you have entered your credit card details, the booking office will proceed with the withdrawal of the amount to confirm the booking.

I saw the offer with the price "starting from ..." written on your price list, but when I chose the period and made the reservation, the price changed. Why?

Our rates are dynamic and vary according to demand, availability and the period of the stay.

For this reason, next to each offer you will find the lowest available rate (“starting from…“) for the period of the offer.

Can I choose the number of the accommodation or the pitch?

It is not possible to choose a specific number of bungalows or pitches. While booking, however, it is possible to express a preference regarding the number of bungalow/pitch or the area; our booking office will take your preferences into consideration and will try, if possible, to satisfy them. However, it is not possible to guarantee with absolute certainty the assignment of the desired unit number.

The management office reserves the right to assign accommodations/pitches.

How can I change my booking?

To make changes to your booking it is recommended to call +39 0564 941092 or write an email to booking@baiaazzurra.it.

Can I add services to my booking?

If you want to add extra services to your booking already made, it is recommended to call +39 0564 941092 or write an email to booking@baiaazzurra.it.

Do you have customized packages for groups?

Yes, you can contact us at +39 0564 941092 or by email at info@baiaazzurra.it from 08.00 to 22.00 (from Easter to about mid-October), from 09.00 to 17.00 from Monday to Friday (winter time) and we will send you our best quotation.

Inside the village there is a large and comfortable meeting room.

Is it possible to have travel insurance?

Yes, it is possible to have travel insurance by selecting the rate "secure booking".

How can I cancel a reservation?

The cancellation can be made either by sending an email to booking@baiaazzurra.it with the name of the booking and the booking number, or directly online using our online booking system “Book now & Get a quote” that you find at the top of every page of the website. You only have to click on “Reservations change” and enter your booking number and your pin.

How can I find information about the cancellation policy of my booking?

You can find information about the cancellation policy already at the time of the booking online by clicking on "rate conditions".

The information is also written in the copy of the booking confirmation that you will receive by email at the end of the booking procedure.

How can I check the status of my booking?

In the copy of the reservation you will find your reservation number and a pin useful for filling in the fields in our online system “Book now & Get a quote” that you find at the top of every page of the website. Click on “Reservations change” and enter the required data; you will find the status of your reservation, the information and your booking conditions. The information is also written in the copy of the booking confirmation that you will receive by email at the end of the booking procedure.

Can I ask for an invoice?

Of course, you can request an invoice in advance during the booking procedure. You can enter all the data for the invoice in the note field of the reservation on our online booking system “Book now & Get a quote” that you find at the top of every page of the website.


At what time is it possible to check-in?

Check-in and access to the village are allowed from 12.00 am. The keys of the bungalows and apartments, however, are guaranteed from 16.00.

For the campsite, the entrance to the pitch is guaranteed from 12.00 to 13.00 and from 16.00 to 20.00.

I have booked the Early check-in, when will I receive the keys of the bungalow?

With the Early Check-in, the keys of the bungalows are guaranteed between 12.00 and 13.00.

Can I enter by car to unload it?

Yes, the day of arrival and departure it is allowed to reach the accommodation by car for unloading and loading (from 08.00 to 13.00 and from 16.00 to 20.00).

What is the latest time to check-in?

Reception office is open until 10pm. If you plan to arrive later, the night watchman will be at the reception to welcome you and to accompany you to your accommodation. We will wait for you the following morning to complete the check-in procedure.

For the campsite, access to the pitches is allowed until 8.00 pm. After this time, the vehicle must be parked in the parking in front of the reception and can be placed on the pitch the following day.

What do I need to check-in?

For the check-in you will need the ID cards or passports of all the members of the family, your booking number and the plate number of your car. During check-in you will be asked to proceed with the balance of the stay and of the extra services. Please also note that a deposit in cash will be asked: €200.00 in cash for each accommodation and € 10.00 for each chip provided for the pitch.

Can I check-in online?

Yes, you will receive by email the form to fill in with the necessary data.

It is possible to check-in online only the number of people written during the booking and only the people arriving on the day of arrival.

I checked-in online, do I still have to queue at reception at the arrival?

Yes, when you arrive you will still have to show your documents at the reception for a check and complete the payment procedures.

What are the payment methods?

At your arrival, you can complete the payment of your stay in cash or by card. The cards accepted are: MAESTRO circuit, PAGOBANCOMAT, CARTA SI (VISA, MASTERCARD). It is not possible to pay by cheque and American Express.

Do I have to pay a security deposit?

Yes, you will be asked to leave a security deposit of € 200.00 in cash for each accommodation. The deposit will be returned on the day of departure after checking the condition of the accommodation.

For the campsite, a security deposit of € 10.00 for each chip is asked. In the case of rental of a private bathroom, the deposit is € 10.00.

Will I have to wear the bracelet?

At the check-in, all family members must wear a light and non-toxic coloured identification bracelet “Baia Azzurra” that must be worn visibly during the stay. The bracelet has the function of security and control of access to the camping. It is also necessary for the use of the services of the village.

Can I go to the beach, pool or restaurant when I arrive?

Of course! After the check-in you can access the village and use all the services, beach, swimming pool, restaurant etc. while waiting for the keys of the accommodation.

The private beach reserved is guaranteed from 12.00.

Is there a tourist tax to pay?

Yes, the tourist tax is € 1 per person per day from the age of 16 (applied in the period between 1st May and 30th September).

The rate is subject to change.



Can I enter by car during my stay?

Access by car is allowed only at arrival and departure for unloading and loading of luggage. During your stay it is not possible to access the village area by car. In case of need, for example to unload the shopping bags, you can temporarily park the car in the parking in front of the reception and use the trolleys at disposal for everyone.

Is there an equipped area for barbecue?

We do not have an equipped area for barbecue.

Our apartments have their own barbecue in the garden. For other accommodations in bungalows or pitches, you can bring your own barbecue which must be used outside, paying attention and checking that it is switched off correctly; barbecues must be raised off the ground, better if gas or electric ones; it is not possible to use table barbecue.

Are there any period of silence?

Yes, in the village there are periods of silence during the afternoon (from 13.00 to 16.00) and at night (from 24.00 to 8.00).

Are there any safes?

All the apartments, the bungalows (with the exception of the bungalow Easy) and the private bathrooms "Mirto" of the campsite are equipped with a safe.

Is there the separate waste collection?

Yes, you will find the bins for separate collection in different areas of the village.

Is there an ATM?

Yes, there is an ATM in front of the reception.

Do you carry out disinfestation against mosquitoes?

Disinfestation against mosquitoes is carried out regularly.

Who can I contact when the reception is closed?

During the closing time of the reception, from 22.00 to 08.00, it is possible to contact the night watchman.


What is provided in the accommodation I rented?

In all the accommodations sheets, pillowcases and towels are provided (in the set you will find: a shower, face and guest towel, weekly changed). The accommodations are equipped with pillows, blankets, kitchen equipment (crockery, cutlery and glasses) and television. Kitchen linen (tablecloths and tea towels) is not provided.

In the accommodations, cleaning equipment is provided: bucket, shovel, broom and mop; rags, sponges and detergents (for personal use) are not provided.

The accommodations are equipped with hairdryer, with the exception of the Easy bungalow (it will still be possible to request it at the Reception).

All apartments are equipped with washing machine and dishwasher.

The De Luxe, De Luxe Plus and Design bungalows are equipped with a dishwasher.

The safe is provided in all types except the Easy bungalow.

Outside, the accommodations are equipped with table and chairs, 2 sun loungers or deck chairs (where provided) and a drying rack.

Is there air conditioning?

Yes, all rental accommodations are equipped with A/C air conditioning.

Can I request an extra linen change?

It is possible to request a complete extra change (sheets and towels) at a cost of €6.00/person. Towels only €3.00/person.

Can I request extra cleaning of the accommodation during my stay?

Yes, it is possible to request extra cleaning of the accommodation for a fee.

Can I smoke inside the accommodation?

No, it is not possible to smoke inside the accommodation.

Is final cleaning included in the price?

Yes, final cleaning is included in the price with the exception of the kitchenette which must be left clean (wash utensils and dishes, throw the garbage). Otherwise an amount of € 25.00 will be charged from your security deposit.

When will I be returned the security deposit for the accommodation?

The deposit will be returned on the day of departure after verification of the accommodation by the staff in charge at the time agreed by appointment.


What is provided in the pitch I have booked?

The Junior, Basic and Silver pitches are equipped with 3 amps (fridge - TV - lighting).

The Gold, Gold Plus, Platinum and Platinum Plus pitches have 10 amps. The new Super Gold Plus pitch has 16 amps electricity. The Platinum and Platinum Plus pitches are also equipped with drinking water and water drainage system.

Platinum and Platinum Plus pitches also have a fountain with drinking water.

What do I need to connect the camper to the water drainage system on the Platinum pitch?

In order to connect the camper or caravan to the fountain of drinking water, it is necessary to use a flexible rubber tube. The tap of the fountain is screw and measures ¾ inch.

For the drainage of water, you also need a flexible female pipe with a diameter of 90 and an adapter.

Both the pipes must have a variable length between 2 and 15 m depending on how the vehicle will be positioned on the pitch.

Are the pitches in the shadow?

Most of the pitches are shaded and surrounded by pines and plane trees that allow fresh and natural shading.

Can I park my vehicle on the pitch?

No, access by vehicle is possible only the day of arrival and departure for the loading and unloading of luggage. During your stay, your car must be parked in the parking area.

Is there a fee to pay to use hot showers in the campsite toilets?

No, hot showers are free in the public toilets of the campsite.

Can I rent a private bathroom?

The private bathroom can be rented if you book a Gold, Gold Plus or Platinum and Platinum Plus pitch.

Can I rent a fridge?

Yes, it is possible to rent a 70-liter fridge during the booking or you can ask for it on site at the reception (upon availability).

Where can I buy an electric cable?

At our Market which is open from 08.00 to 13.00 - 16.00 to 20.00 (open all day in high season).

Is there a camper service?

Yes, there is a camper service in the parking area. It is possible to go to the area with your own vehicle during the allowed times (08.00-13.00 and from 16.00 to 20.00).

Is there a chemical toilet?

Yes, the chemical toilet is in the “Corbezzolo” and “Rosmarino” toilet area.


At what time is check-out?

For the accommodations check-out is from 08.00 to 10.00.

For pitches check-out is possible from 08.00 to 11.00.

What should I do to check out?

For the check-out of bungalows and apartments, you have to go to reception 2 days before departure to make an appointment for the check of the accommodation, which has to take place within 10.00 a.m. of the day of departure. The cleaning of the kitchenette is not included in the final cleaning.

On the day of departure, a member of the family has go to the reception to hand over the keys, chips and get the deposit back.

For the check-out of pitches, you just have to go to the reception the day of departure to hand over the chips and for the balance of any extras.

Can I enter by car the day of departure?

Yes, the day of departure you are allowed to enter by car from 08.00 to load luggage.

Is it possible to leave before reception opening hours?

Yes, but when the reception is closed departures must be agreed in advance with the reception staff.

Is it possible to keep the accommodation or pitch after check-out time (Late Check-out)?

It will be possible, upon agreement with the Reception and according to availability, to make a late check-out and leave the accommodation or pitch no later than 6.00 pm. The amount for late check-out depends on the period.



Is there a parking in the village?

Yes, there is a parking area. The parking for one car for each accommodation/pitch is free.

Is it possible to recharge electric cars?

Yes, inside in the parking area there are columns for recharging electric cars (with a fee).


Is there a Club Card to pay?

No, we are happy to offer this service.

Is there an animation program?

Of course. The animation team organizes daily activities for children, sports activities (volleyball, football, fitness, dancing, etc.), evening shows (baby dance and shows).

When do the animation activities start?

Our animation activities start from the end of May until mid-September.

Are mini club activities accessible to 3-year-olds?

No, mini club activities are for children from 4 years old.

Is there a playground for children?

We have a beautiful playground for children up to 12 years old.


How far is the beach?

Our beach is 150 meters from the entrance of the village.

Is the beach private or free?

There is both a free beach and a private equipped beach.

How can I rent umbrellas and sunbeds?

To have the guarantee of the reservation of the beach service, we recommend booking it together with your stay or sending an email to beach@baiaazzurra.it; it is possible, however, to check availability on spot with the staff directly at the beach..

Is the beach suitable for children?

Yes, the sea bottom slopes gently.

Is the beach sandy or with rocks?

The beach of our village is of fine golden sand.

Is there a deposit for inflatable games?

Yes, there is a dedicated but unattended area near the entrance to the beach where you can leave your inflatables and strollers.

Are showers at the beach subject to charges?

Warm showers at the beach cost € 1.00/shower and the service must be purchased at the reception. Cold water showers are free.


Is there a swimming pool in the village?

Yes, the village has two swimming pools that are open for the entire opening period of the village (subject to weather conditions).

Is entry to the pool free?

Yes, the use of the swimming pool and poolside umbrellas and sunbeds are free, subject to availability.

Is the use of a swimming cap mandatory?

Yes, the use of the cap is mandatory.


Is there a restaurant inside the village?

Yes, our restaurant offers a varied menu: typical Maremma and Mediterranean cuisine, it also offers a pizzeria service for lunch and dinner. You can also have lunch at the "Terrace 64" by the sea.

Is there the possibility to book half board or full board?

Yes, the service can be booked together with the stay or on site (subject to availability)

Can I book breakfast only?

Yes, it is also possible to book only breakfast.

Are there menus for celiacs?

Yes, our chef is qualified to prepare this diet.

Is it possible to ask for a takeaway or delivery service?

Sure! Our restaurant offers both the classic take-away service and the delivery service: they will deliver your lunch or dinner directly to your bungalow, or your pitch or on our "Terrace 64".


Is there Wi-Fi in the village?

Of course! Wi-Fi is free and available in all outdoor areas.

How can I access Wi-Fi?

For the access to the Wi-Fi you just have to select the network “Baia Azzurra” from the Wi-Fi networks on your device and follow the automatic procedure.


Is there a market in the village?

Yes, our Market-bazaar is stocked with fruit, vegetables, deli counter and typical products. It is open from 08.00 to 13.00 - 16.00 to 20.00 (open all day in high season).


Can I practice sports activities in the village and in the surroundings?

Yes, in the village we have a five-a-side football pitch (with a fee), volleyball and a comfortable and functional "Area 64" fitness park with jogging path and outdoor equipment. The tennis courts are about 1.5km away.

Is it possible to rent bicycles in the village?

Yes, you can rent bicycles and city bikes at our market-bazaar. At our Bike Corner you can rent E-bikes and organize tours in the surroundings.


Are dogs or other pets allowed?

Dogs and pets are welcome at the campsite, but they are not allowed in the accommodation and cannot access the common areas and the beach.

Is it possible to access the beach with the dog?

It is not possible to access our private beach with the dog. However, there is a stretch of beach dedicated to dogs with access at about 300m from the village entrance, continuing left on the road following the signs for bau beach.


Is there a doctor in the village?

Yes, the doctor is at our infirmary from 01.06 to 15.09 approximately for 1 hour a day (the period may be subject to change). He is available on call. The service is with a fee.

Are there any pharmacies nearby?

Yes, the nearest pharmacy is in Castiglione della Pescaia about 6 km from the village.

Where is the nearest hospital?

The closest hospital is in Grosseto about 30min from the village.


How far is the nearest town?

The nearest town is Castiglione della Pescaia and is about 6 km away.

Is there a cycle path?

Yes, the cycle path starts at about 2.5 km and reaches Castiglione della Pescaia.

Is there a bus service to reach the nearest town?

Yes, in high season (from mid-June to mid-September) there is a city bus service that connects the village to Castiglione della Pescaia.

Where can I buy the tickets for the bus?

Tickets can be purchased directly at the reception or via app.

Where is the nearest station?

The closest railway stations are in Follonica to the north, about 20 km, and in Grosseto to the south, about 30 km from the village.

Where is the nearest airport

The nearest airports are in Pisa (about 130km) and in Rome (about 200 km).

I travel without a car, can I reach the village by public transport?

Yes, once you arrive at the station in Follonica or Grosseto, you can take a bus to Castiglione della Pescaia and then change to the bus to Rocchette Mare (only in high season). During low season we advise you to take a taxi either directly from the station or from Castiglione della Pescaia to the village.

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