How can I request the availability of an apartment?
You can visit online or telephone +39 0564 941092 from 08.00 to 22.00 (from April to October) and from 09.00 to 17.00 from Monday to Friday inclusive from November to March.
How can I book?
You can book online or by sending us an e-mail at info@baiaazzurra.it
Do you have personalised packages for groups?
Yes, you can contact us by telephone on +39 0564 941092 from 08.00 to 22.00 (from Easter to halfway through October) and from 09.00 to 17.00 from Monday to Friday inclusive for the rest of the year. We will offer our best quotation.
Are minors allowed to enter?
No, minors are not allowed to enter without the presence of a parent.
Which credit cards are accepted?
Is there a minimum stay period?
Yes, there are certain periods in which we require a minimum of 7 nights (halfway through June to September)
What are the opening hours of the cash desk?
The cash desk is open from from 08.00 to 12.00 and from 16.00 to 18.00.
Is there a drawer safe service?
Yes, but only in the Superior, Design, Trendy, De Luxe bungalows and apartments.
How can I cancel a booking?
Cancellation of a booking can only be effectuated in writing (e-mail, fax or registered letter)
If I cancel, what are the penalties?
If a booking is cancelled, the restitution of the deposit will occur within the following terms: 80% of the amount if the cancellation is communicated 60 days before the arrival date 50% of the amount if the cancellation is communicated 30 days before the arrival date No restitution of the deposit if the cancellation is communicated after 30 days before the arrival date
What does the word "NON-REFUNDABLE PRICES" mean?
This means that a penalty of 100% will be apply in case of cancellation or changes.
Children and supplementary beds
Additional beds/cribs must not exceed the maximum number of permitted beds.
Can I choose the living unit or the pitch?
No, at the moment of booking a preference can be expressed regarding the number of the living unit/pitch or the zone. Our booking office will take into consideration your preferences and will try to satisfy them wherever possible. However, it is not possible to guarantee with absolute certainty the assigning of the desired unit. The Management reserves the right of assigning the living unit/pitch.
At what time must we leave the living unit/pitch on the day of departure?
The living unit must be free and available from 10.00. On the day of departure, the pitch must be free and available from 12.00 Departures after the above-mentioned hours bring about the debiting of a further day to your stay.
Is there a minimum stay of one week in a bungalow? When can I arrive?
From halfway through June to halfway through September, a minimum of one week is requested with arrival/departure from Saturday to Saturday or Sunday to Sunday. If available, it will be possible to book longer or shorter periods.
Consult the actual availability on the online booking page, or utilise the widget at the top of the Homepage.


At what time is it possible to occupy the living unit/pitch on the day of arrival?
Arrival in the village is possible for the living units from 10.30 so as to take advantage of the village services. The consignment of the keys of the living units is foreseen starting from 16.00. The consignment of the pitches is foreseen starting from 12.00 (excluding the hours between 13.00 to 16.00 so as to respect the hours of silence).
Final cleaning is included in the price?
Yes, but the kitchenette must be left clean otherwise there will be a sum of €25,00 debited to your deposit.
How and when will my deposit for the stay in a living unit be restituted?
The day of the departure after carrying out a check.
Must I pay the tourist tax?
Yes, €0,50 per person over 12 years old (the above-mentioned tariff will be applied from the 1st April to the 30th September inclusive). The above-mentioned tariff is subject to variation.


Places for camping are in the shade?
The greater part of the campsite is in the shade.
Places for camping are equipped with electricity? If yes, what amperage?
Yes, Silver pitches have 3 amp = fridge, TV, illumination (3 amp is sufficient) Gold and Platinum pitches have 10 amp
Can I park my vehicle on the pitch?
No, only on the day of arrival and departure for unloading and loading.


The beach is private or free?
The beach is private and free.
How far is the beach?
The beach is 150 metres from the entrance of the Camping Village.
The beach can be reached easily?
Yes, by a wooden pedestrian walkway.
The beach is suitable for children?
Yes, the seashore slopes gently.
Inflatable toys can be safeguarded?
Yes, there is a dedicated area where you can leave your inflatable toys.
Can I book for the beach?
Beach Service (sunbeds and umbrella) is included in the price of the stay?
No, the price for the beach service (sunbeds and umbrella) is separate and must be paid for directly in reception.


Domestic animals/dogs are accepted?
Dogs are welcomed on the campsite (only on the pitch; they are not allowed in the communal areas). The service offered and the price list is published on the following page. Bungalows and apartment pets are not allowed.


Is there an entertainment programme?
What activities are organised by the Entertainment Team?
The Entertainment team organises activities such as the Mini Club for children, sports activities (volleyball, football, fitness, dances, etc,) on a daily basis.
Where is the entertainment?
The entertainment is in the tent theatre in the swimming pool zone. On the beach, only in the morning.
Is there a club card to pay for?
No, we are pleased to offer this service free of charge.
When do the entertainment activities start?
Our Entertainment Team operates approximately from the end of May to halfway through September.
The Mini Club is accessible to children under three years old?
No, The Mini Club service is utilised from 4 years of age.


The village has a carpark? Must I pay?
Yes, a parking place for each pitch or living unit is included.
The village has a swimming pool?
Yes, it is open when the village is open. Bathing is subject to climatic conditions.
Is there a restaurant in the village?
Yes, our restaurant offers a varied menu: typical Maremmana and Mediterranean cooking. There is also a pizzeria service.
Is it possible to book half-board and full-board?
Yes, the service is offered and is connected to the type of stay or request.
Is there a menu for persons who suffer with the celiac disease?
Yes, our chef can prepare this type of diet.
Is there a Wi-fi connection?
Yes, and it is free.
Can I practice sports activities in the village and surrounding area?
Yes, in the village we have five-a-side football and volleyball. Tennis courts are available at about 1.5 kilometres
Operate differentiated waste collection?
The linen is included?
Yes, the linen includes sheets, pillow cases and towels. You can request an extra change of linen at a cost of €6,00 per person.
Can you rent a bike?
Yes, bikes can be rented at the Bazaar.
Where can I buy an electrical cable?
In our Market, that is open from 08.00 to 13.00 – 16.00 to 20.00
Is there a doctor in the village?
Yes, the doctor is available from 01/06 to 15/09 approximately (subject to variation) 1 hour a day in our infirmary.
Do you carry out/Have you recently carried out disinfestations against mosquitoes?
Disinfestation is carried out cyclically.


Is it compulsory to wear a swim cap in the swimming pool?
No, it is not compulsory.
Do you have to pay for the sunbeds and umbrellas in the swimming pool area?
They are free and available, if possible.


Is there public transport to make connections?
Yes, from the 15/06 to 15/09 approximately.
Is there a cycle track?
Yes, approximately 2.5 kilometres.
Where can you buy tickets for the public transport?
Tickets can be bought in the village.
How far is the nearest inhabited centre?
Castiglione della Pescaia is 6 km distant from the village.
Is it possible to organise guided visits and have tourist information?
Yes, we are pleased to give you information about our territory.



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