A long story...

For 50 years Camping Village Baia Azzurra Club has been offering open air holidays in one of the most beautiful natural settings...

Baia Azzurra a story of love…

It was 1969 when grandfather Renato and grandmother Derna decided to combine their passion and dedication for agriculture and cooking: they had found a plot of land in their beloved Maremma, the same where our residence stands today, and thanks to their knowledge of the territory and raw materials, they gave life to a restaurant of typical dishes and fresh pasta.

Our grandparents were enterprising and dreamers and both realized that they could give other people the opportunity to experience our beautiful territory, even if only for a day. In the summer of 1971 they began to host the first visitors, mostly Italian and German, in tents and caravans: grandfather Renato welcomed them, sharing with them the secrets of Maremma and of our products and accompanying them through the pinewood to the beach while grandmother Derna gave culinary joys to her guests.

In the meantime, also our family was growing up together with the campsite: their two daughters Cherubina and Renata also joined them. In fact, since they were younger they became part of the management of the campsite, bringing ideas of modernization and new accommodations more suited to the new needs. Together they all gave birth to 'Baia delle Rocchette', so named in honor of the clear beach nearby.

Those were years of ideas and fulfilments: that small restaurant founded many years earlier was now the beating heart of something much bigger, so much that it was recognized and rewarded by the German press, but always keeping the same principle as the first day: the love for our land.

It was now time for grandfather Renato and grandmother Derna to rest.

In 2000 their grandchildren, the current owners and managers, took over. They decided to honor the Tuscan Maremma and its wonderful sea even more, naming the campsite 'Baia Azzurra'.

Grateful for what their grandparents had left, the grandchildren completed the internal facilities such as the bar, the market and the restaurant and increased the number and the quality of the services we know and love today. Bungalows and apartments were added to the first tents that grandfather Renato helped to pitch, in a continuous evolution in order to meet the current needs of the guests. Those same principles handed down by and so dear to grandmother Derna and grandfather Renato.

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