Our Entertainment


Animation is with us approximately from late May to late September


At Baia Azzurra, fun is always the order of the day! Our super-entertainers are always ready to give children and grown-ups alike a nice boost of energy with a rich and varied programme of activities, for a holiday full of cheer from morning until evening.

Come discover the various entertainment opportunities proposed each week by our animators.
The day begins with muscular warm-up and continues with animation on the beach and creative workshops; in the afternoon, the fun continues with water aerobics in the swimming pool and sports tournaments, as well as exciting group dances.
Finally, in the evening, it's off to the poolside theatre: here, after the baby dance so eagerly awaited by the little ones, the programme concludes with music, quizzes and theme shows.

Lots of activities for all tastes in different settings, for an unforgettable experience at Baia Azzurra under the blue sky of the Tuscan Maremma.

And how could we not mention the undisputed star of the entertainment activities? Our beloved Bazzù will become your children's best friend, accompanying them in their games and treating them to smiles and a boatload of fun!

Discover our Bazzù


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