Holidays in a safe environment

Feel as safe on holiday as you do at home

During your holidays in our Camping Village your bungalow or apartment will be a place where you can feel protected just like at home. For us, safety comes first. Our accommodations are given the utmost care in the sanitisation of the rooms through the oxidising action of ozone in order to provide you with guaranteed hygiene. Furthermore, they are all equipped with either a veranda or private garden where you can enjoy privacy and feel safe.

We pay the same level of care and attention to sanitisation in the common areas and in the campsite, so that we can guarantee a healthy and safe environment. The sanitary facilities are cleaned and disinfected multiple times a day, and those who travel with their own camper, caravan or tent for an outdoor holiday can also book their own private bathroom for even more comfort.

Comfort is key, after all, as everything is designed around it: our restaurant offers a rich menu with many typical dishes of the Maremma, as well as the classic pizza, to be enjoyed by the pool. You can also get your favourite dishes as takeaway and discover the pleasure of good food while you’re cosily sitting on the veranda of your bungalow, or you can choose the "cooked and delivered" service and we will bring your lunch or dinner to you. You can request the delivery service at the minimarket, too, so you can get your groceries delivered directly to your “home”!

And for a holiday by the sea worthy of its name, you certainly cannot forget your spot on our private beach with your own umbrella and sunbeds, where you can make the most of the sun shining on the Maremma.

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